Are you searching for a beautiful waterfront home in Palm Harbor and Clearwater? PHNV can best show you with the best real estate agent in Florida (who happens to be Captain Rich’s wife!) onboard to consider for your waterfront real estate accusations. It is a fantastic way to give a glimpse of the community and development which has taken place in popular beachside houses of Florida.

Have your own Realtor? GREAT! Ask them to get in touch with us and we can arrange a custom tour based on your needs!

Palm Harbor Nautical Ventures also provides waterfront real estate tour in Tarpon Springs, and Dunedin neighborhoods. The waterfront real estate tour is also an excellent way of exploring the scenic waterways which can be followed by a delicious lunch at one of the many beautiful restaurants.

Folks looking to buy the waterfront homes need to be aware of the unique concerns that are usually encountered in a waterfront residential. PHNV has massive experience in boating community coupled with firm expertise in the real estate business. This is why for a waterfront real estate tour, PHNV is highly recommended.