Losing your loved ones is an excruciatingly painful experience. In such a deeply saddening scenario, we aim to bring some solace to the families by helping them through ash spreading services.

Give your departed ones a spiritual send-off by scattering ashes at sea. Captain Rich understands the sensitivity of ash spreading rituals and execute with care, empathy, dignity, and grace. We provide the scattering ashes service in Palm Harbor, FL. We will work with your pastor or coordinator to ensure the experience is both meaningful and memorable.

With our chartered boat, we offer this service of burials at sea for an extremely reasonable amount. It takes approximately 90 minutes for the complete round up to conduct the entire burial ceremony at sea.

Sometimes, the circumstances may not allow you to go into the sea. In such cases, we provide unattended ash spreading on dock. The Captain and the crew will provide documentation of our services with information like latitude and longitudes of the scattered ash in the sea.

The entire event is captured digitally and video recorded, and the copies will be handed over to you so that you will have a peace of mind in knowing that your entire wishes have been fulfilled with utmost respect and dignity.

Our boats are fully insured and licensed, and we strictly adhere to the EPA guidelines.